Sunlife insurance

Get a Sunlife Insurance

Aside from education being the best investment in life, getting yourself a life insurance is probably the next best thing. After all, there is only one thing certain in life, and that is death. Everybody dies. This is a fact of life. Have you ever thought of what happens after you die? Do you get to lie in a poorman’s grave? How about your family, do they have the means to continue enjoying their lives?

No, you don’t need to die though to reap the benefits of a life insurance.

There are two types of life insurance available today. One is the traditional insurance type of insurance – one that only your family can benefit from when you are gone; the second one is a “flexible” type of life insurance wherein part of your premium goes to investment, like mutual funds where it can earn interest over time. An example of this “flexible” type insurance would be Sun¬†Flexilink from Sunlife. With Sun Flexilink, part of your premium will go to investment and will be handled by one of the biggest life insurance company in the world. Not only can your family be protected against your demise, but you can also use your investment should you want to retire early in the future or if you plan to use it to some other worthy projects. Click here if you need more information about Sun Flexilink and other Sunlife products.

Though everyone has heard of life insurance, it is a sad fact that only a few percentage of Filipinos have one. In fact, out of a hundred people I know, I can only count 5 who have an insurance of sort. The rest are missing the opportunity to provide a better future for their families. If we will all die eventually, why not invest in this one of a lifetime event. Since death is inevitable, why not capitalize on this event to make sure that your family continue to enjoy a comfortable life even after you are gone? This is the surest form of insurance in my opinion, because death, being the contingent event being insured upon, will definitely happen.

Are you already insured? Have you ever considered getting one yet you keep telling yourself that:

  1. I’m too young for a life insurance
  2. I have a lot of expenses right now
  3. I don’t have enough time to apply
  4. I don’t need it

Don’t worry you are not the only one with lots of excuses. A lot of people have one of those excuses that I mentioned above.

Getting insured is really an easy process. You will be surprised how easy it is. It will only take less than 15 minutes to fill out forms and a few minutes to answer some very simple questions. You may have additional questions in mind before taking that leap, why not talk to a financial advisor now so that he/she can answer whatever it is on your mind. You can click here to set an appointment and discuss your options.

When is the best time to get an insurance? The best time was probably 15 years ago, when you had your first job. The next best answer is NOW. We do not know the future. Nobody prepares for the end. It just happens. The great thing being secured today is that once you get approved and start paying your premiums, you reap all the benefits of the insurance though you only have partially paid. I know someone who has just gotten his insurance a few months before he met an accident. His insurance still paid in full. Imagine that.

Getting a life insurance the soonest possible time also means lower insurance premiums. This means leveraging on time to maximize your hard-earned money. I took my insurance when I was 37 years old and I am paying a monthly premium of 5000 pesos. If I signed up when I had my first job when I was only 24, my monthly payments would have just been around 2500! Imagine the difference. A few thousand pesos a month for 10 years is not that hard to save. Yes, this will mean small sacrifices like less shopping and probably watching fewer movies in cinemas. Instead of drinking your favourite soda, you may need to drink more water instead – look at the bright side, water is cheaper and its good for your health.

What are you waiting for? Invest in you and your family’s bright future today. Talk to an advisor and ask for your options.