10 benefits of getting a St Peter Life Plan

st peter planGetting St Peter Life Plans is one of the best investment that you can get while you are alive.Below is a list of 10 product highlights that will make you consider getting one today.

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    • Very Low installment plans

There are a lot of installment options that you can to choose from. You can pay installments monthly, quarterly, semi-annually and of course annually. Lowest payment happens if you pay in full because there is an additional 10% discount for spot payments. Discount though may change in the future, so it is highly recommended to pay in full if you have the resources.

    • Plans are transferable

All St Peter Life Plans are transferable. You can always transfer your plan to a living family member or friend.

    • Plans are assignable

This is one of the best benefit in getting a St Peter Life Plan. If you have a St Peter Life Plan and someone you know (a family or friend) passes away, you can assign the plan to the deceased. A St Peter Life Plan is not tied to the plan holder, it can be assigned (or transferred) to another. (Benefit subject to additional conditions, please contact a representative for more information)

    • Return of payment for unused service

Your beneficiary may receive cash value according to a schedule followed by St Peter Plan if the memorial service is not performed.

    • Viewing period of four (4) days

A plan holder is entitled to 4 days of viewing in a St Peter Plan’s accredited mortuary chapels or in your home.


Easy car registration renewal process in the Philippines – 2018


Capturing chassis / body number

Renewal of your car registration in the Philippines has never been easy.

Download the guide here or read the rest of the post.

Getting a brand new car thru a car dealer is most of the time hassle free. The most difficult part would be filling out the application and the mortgage forms (if you are going to have your car financed thru bank or thru the dealer). It will takes an hour or so just to complete the forms but may take a day if you choose to read the fine prints.

A new car registration lasts for 3 years. Then after that, the fun begins.

Check out my transaction with LTO Muntinlupa here: